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Ministry trials show that:

Foot bathing sheep affected with footrot for a minimum of 2 minutes in Golden Hoof solution  once weekly result in a high proportion of cured feet within 21 days even without preliminary paring.
About 90% of very advanced footrot cases with badly misshapen hoofs heal completely after sparing and three Golden Hoof footbaths treatments at weekly intervals.
Scald responds rapidly to a single foot bathing in Golden Hoof with lameness disappearing within 1 2 days.
Foot bathing clean sheep at intervals of up to four weeks apart markedly reduces the spread of new footrot infection in flocks. Foot bathing at one-week intervals during danger periods prevents it almost completely.


Product Information



The original zinc sulphate based product - and still the UK brand leader.
Lethal to footrot bacteria and scald.
  With blended surfactant for increased penetration.
Healing agent promotes healthy tissue growth.
Safe - no toxic fumes.
Lambs and ewes can be treated together.
Available in 10kg and 20kg sacks.
Economical 20kg sack will treat up to 500 sheep and solution is reusable.
No unpleasant smell.