Shep-Fair Products




It is a safe material to use.
It does not produce unpleasant fumes which can irritate both sheep and handlers so can can be used in enclosed spaces.
It is a painless treatment which, in combination with lack of fumes, makes possible the opportunity to stand infected animals for long periods (if required) in solution with out discomfort.
Ewes and young lambs can be treated together without separation.
The solution has a low toxicity and at 10% dilution is unpalatable to sheep.
Splashing on the fleece with Golden Hoof has negligible effects on subsequent wool processing.
The material does not break down chemically after prolonged storage nor at extreme temperatures.

The antibacterial action of Golden Hoof in footbaths is not materially affected by contamination with urine or faeces and solutions of Golden Hoof are reusable .


The Advantages of Golden Hoof

Easier to mix.

Highly penetrative.

Does not cake in the bag or bucket.