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The Golden Udder Story  
1926   A sterile ointment base, made from natural plant extracts was made in Prague by Dr Laszlo Zakarias. For over a decade this was supplied to the leading European skin clinic, with Scandinavia, Germany and Czechoslovakia being the most important markets. Dr Zakarias also pioneered work in the field of soapless detergents.
1939 Dr Zakarias and his family fled to Britain at the outset of World War II. Fortunately he bought his secret formulae with him and set up a new manufacturing laboratory in Bristol Know as "Collective Chemical Company".  
1950s & 60s Although the company continued to market the skin ointment, the advert of antibiotics and steroids resulted in a complete change in the concept of treating skin infections at the time. Dr Zakarias thus concentrated his efforts to developing his range of soapless washing compounds. Before the growth of petro-chemical detergents he was a major supplier throughout the UK.
1964 Dr Zakarias met the late Mr Bill Tulloch, the well known racehorse owner. The two men shared a vision of a world which would one day revolt against the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and corticosteroids in the treatment of the skin afflictions.
1970s Research showed that the formula of the skin ointment could be modified from the human use to that of animals. Dr Zakarias and Mr Tulloch resolved to work together to further develop the potential of a product that did truly appear to have some incredible benefits. Sadly Dr Zakarias was to die before the labours of his work came to fruition.
1984 The Collective Chemical Company, later renamed Collective Research Limited, was re-established at Highworth near Swindon. Bill Tulloch was the first managing director, and the widow of Dr Zakarias, Johanna, the Chairman.
1989 After 5 years of intensive scientific research, the promise of 1926 and the vision of 1964 were finally realised. the Ointment has been perfected as an animal skin gel and was now know as the "Colecton® plant base". Shep-Fair Products of Brecon, was selected to market versions of it as natural skin treatment.
1991 65 years after Laszlo Zakarias first produced the skin ointment that was to become the corner-stone of Shep-Fair's "Golden" range of animal health care products, ADAS issued their report of a full field trial of Golden Udder. During the trail 780 dairy cows were treated for mastitis. 81% where successfully and cost effectively cured, compared with 85% using antibiotics.
2001 Shep-Fair Products (now of Abergavenny) become the sole producer of

Golden Udder

The veterinary licensed proven aid for mastitis control containing no antibiotics, no steroids, no peppermint oil