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Golden Udder
What is Golden Udder??
Golden Udder is an externally applied gel for mastitis control.

It is a veterinary licensed medicine, not a herbal remedy. Click for ADAS Report!

A gel containing well-tried, effective and safe ingredients.

A smoothing gel for the treatment of minor skin conditions.  


When do you use it??
At the first signs of hardness or heat in the udder.

When the animal shows an uncharacteristic reluctance to be milked.

When the milk shows signs of change.

At calving down for udder health and as an aid in control of mastitis at a vulnerable time.

To treat minor skin conditions anywhere on the animal as soon as they appear.


What are the benefits??
Early treatment - Can be used at the very first signs of a problem, helping to control the rapid rise of the somatic cell count associated with this phase of mastitis development.

No milk throwaway as Golden Udder does not contaminate the milk.

Tried, proven and veterinary licensed.

Contains the anti-inflammatory agent salicylic acid. Inflammation of the udder causes damage and subsequent milk loss.  

600g pack contains sufficient for 20-30 applications.

Contains no antibiotics or steroids.


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